Reduce the Risk of Wildfire

80 percent of the homes lost to wildland fires could have been saved if their owners had only followed a few simple fire-safe practices.

Portland Fire & Rescue department provides 3 vital steps to prepare your home against wild fires. These are:

  1. Ready – Be Ready by making sure your home has a defensible space around it, having emergency supplies and planning evacuation routes.
  2. Set – Situational awareness means keeping informed about the status of wildfires. Know where to get your latest updates and public safety. Always be ready to evacuate with your emergency items.
  3. Go! – Act early and leave. This gives you the best chance of survival. Leaving early helps alleviate congestion on the roads and also helps firefighters better navigate and allocate resources appropriately.

For more information read Portland Fire Rescue’s Your Personal Wildfire Action Guide.

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