Guidelines for planning a vegetable garden

When planning a family vegetable garden, use these general guidelines to determine how much you want to plant. Note that these are estimates only.

VegetableEstimated need (lbs) per personApprox. row to length to plant per person
Asparagus610 ft
Bean, lima (bush)2-47-13 ft
Snap, Dry & Pole Beans88 ft
Beets5-105-10 ft
Broccoli810 ft
Cabbage105 ft
Carrots5-105-10 ft
Cauliflower810 ft
Chard3-52-3 ft
Corn, Sweet12-246-12 ft
Cucumbers5-105-10 ft
Lettuce5-1010-20 ft
Onions5-103-7 ft
Peas, pod3-54-6 ft
Peas, shelled3-56-10 ft
Peppers32 ft
Potatoes50-10025-50 ft
Pumpkins, Rutabaga10-205-10 ft
Spinach2-53-6 ft
Squash, summer5-73-4 ft
Squash, winter10-205-10 ft
Tomato208 ft
Turnip5-103-5 ft
Watermelon10-155-8 ft


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