November Gardening Maintenance Checklist

November is the time to get your tools serviced and lawn prepared and protected for winter. Check off this list to see how you’re doing:

  • Service your lawn mower. Clean and oil your lawnmower and other garden equipment and tools and store them away for winter.
  • Check the potatoes in storage and remove any that’s going bad.
  • Protect your berry shrubs and perennial flowerbeds by placing mulch around.
  • Use composted manure and straw to cover up  rhubarb and asparagus beds.
  • Rake and compost leaves.
  • Protect built-in sprinkler systems by draining the system and insulating the valve mechanisms. Drain and store hoses away to prevent freezing and damage.
  • Tie up the limbs of upright evergreens to avoid snow or ice from breaking them.
  • After blooming, trim chrysanthemums to 4 to 6 inches.
  • Keep ornamental grasses up in winter to provide texture in the landscape.

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