May Garden Planning

Planting flowers and vegetables

If you want to have dahlias, gladioli and tuberous begonias in your gardens, mid May is the time to plant them. For a punch of color in the fall, you can also plant chrysanthemum now.

Those looking to grow vegetables can consider snap beans, Brussel sprouts, cantaloupes, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and the like.

Some pests to look out for

Watch out for aphids this month, especially on strawberries and ornamentals. You can control them by washing them off with water, removing them by hand or using registered insecticides.

Other pests include cabbage worms in cabbages and cauliflower, cucumber beetles in beans and lettuce, maggots in radishes. Again, you can remove them by hand, or using registered pesticides. If you had just planted them you can place barrier screens over them.

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