When it’s time to pick apples and pears

When is it time to pick apples and pears? Apples ripen on trees so it’s fairly easy to know when they’re ready. Pears, on the other hand, are a bit more tricky. Here’s how you can tell whether these fruits are ripe for picking.

If apples are falling on the ground, chances are the apples are almost mature. You can also taste the apples to see if they are ready. Ripe apples come off trees easily. You can harvest them by rotating and twisting the apple upward.

Pears don’t ripen on trees. When they mature, the color of the pear will change from green to slightly paler, and you will see some juice when you cut them. Another way to tell if a pear is mature is that they will snap quickly and cleanly when you angle them at 90 degrees.

Another way to figure out the harvest time of pears is by paying attention to the bloom date. If it blooms early, then you can harvest them earlier. To ripen pears, you’ll want to store them in the cold for about month below 40 degrees, but not freezer cold.


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