6 Easy Backyard Ideas

Need some ideas for your backyard? Here are some easy ideas to spice up your garden.

1. Bike planter

Turn that old bike into a planter.

Bike Planter

2. Matching Watering Can

Spray paint the your bike planter the same color as your watering can. Now you have matching garden decorations!

Yellow watering can and bike

3. Mason jar lights

Save up those mason jars and convert them into tea light holders with wire handles.

Mason jar lights

4. Colorful pillows

There’s nothing like adding colorful pillows to your patio chairs to spice up your backyard.

Patio pillows

5. Bird feeders

Bird feeders come in all shapes and sizes and can give your garden and backyard character. You can even turn it into a DIY project.

Bird feeder

6. Pergolas

Pergolas not only provide shade but can serve as a divider, separating spaces in your backyard.


Need more ideas? Stayed tuned to our blog.

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