How often should I water my potted plants?

Since potted plants have little soil space, they dry out more quickly. They tend to need more water than those planted in ground. So what’s enough? Where’s the line between drought and soggy soil?

When should you water your plants?

In general, early morning or early evening is the best time to water your potted plants. This allows them to absorb the water before the afternoon heat creeps in. Excess water will evaporate, making it less likely for unwanted fungus to grow.

When you water you plants, do it slowly so the water can spread evenly to all parts of the soil and roots.


How often should you water your potted plants?

Watering your potted plants

A good indicator of when to water your plants is when the soil is dry, about the first inch of the soil. Sometimes this is a little late, so you’ll want to look for signs of stems limping, petals dropping, and leaves shrivelling or discoloring.

In the warm and dry conditions, you’ll want to check up on your plants every day. Outdoor plants should be watered daily in the summer, and sometimes twice daily.

Depending on the species, the frequency at which you water your plant varies. Succulents, for example, require watering less often than annuals and vegetables. Plants that have settled into their pots can sustain longer without water than those that are newly potted.

What do you do if the soil dries out completely?

If the soil starts to repel water, this might mean your soil is completely dried out. If this happens, you can force rehydration by soaking it in a bucket of water for half an hour.


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