How to Grow Dahlias in Oregon

Here are some tips for growing dahlias:

  • Feed the soil with organic matter like compost or other well-rotted steer manure
  • Plant only when there are no longer signs of frost; this means late May or early June
  • Add a strong stake at the very beginning when you plant the dahlias. Placing it later may damage the roots or tuber.
  • Use fertilize with low nitrogen content when the plants start coming up, each month, until mid-August
  • Water after planting and then only when necessary to keep the soil evenly moist.
  • Remove dead flowers to keep the plant blooming
  • At the end of the season, you can either dig them out or keep the in the ground. If you choose to keep them in the ground, cut back to two inches and cover with mulch to prevent from too much water. If you want to dig them out, cut back to six inches and dig them up. Wash and dry them on a tarp or newspaper. Store in crates or cardboard boxes lined with newspaper, and layered in peat moss, sawdust or wood shavings to keep them dry.

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