Companion plants

When growing vegetables or other plants, you may want to grow companion plants to help their growth – to provide shade, to serve as sacrifice, or serve as windbreaks.

Here are some tips:

  • To control squash bugs, plant oregano, chives, dill, mint, marjoram, and calendula. The odor of these plants will ward squash bugs away.
  • Corn, pole beans, and squashes make great companion plants. Beans can grow on corn stalks for support. In turn it pulls nitrogen from the air, which can be used by the corn’s roots. Squashes stay low, getting the right amount sun through the bean and corn stalks, while retaining water and keeping weeds down.
  • Grow calendulas beside plants that aphids love. Instead of having them go to roses or lettuces, aphids will latch onto calendulas.
  • To attract bees and ward off ants and mosquitoes, grow spearmint and peppermint. Make sure grow them in containers and not near parsley. They can easily get out of control.
  • Plant garlic to deter aphids, cabbage looper, codling moths, snails, carrot root flies and other pests.

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